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A Vision of The Future...

What's so special about Bella Vista Village?
The Ozark's....Climate...Lakes...Golf Courses....Clear Running Streams...."see our Contact page".

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Third best place to raise kids in U.S.
Bella Vista tagged as best place to retire...


A couple of years ago...I came to this little hidden paradise from a major city.   While staying with a friend...I was able to get out and around and I could not believe how nice it was to be here.  Shortly thereafter I began to dream about improving on near perfection....I wanted to share this reality with everyone. 
And so was born..."IMAGINE"   
I just couldn't help but wonder how this village could be made better...but then that is my nature.  I began to see the world as a beautiful place through the eyes of the child within me...like when I was young and had hope.  It was just so relaxing here that I felt renewed.  After all the work and stress of a busy technical profession....I was pretty much burned-out.  This place brought me back to life.  I imagined, sketched, photographed and dreamed on Bella Vista Village.  (don't you just love the word..village?)   
It just sounds comfortable.....
After dreaming about this project for a couple of months I produced a couple of drawings that suggested certain additions to The City of Bella Vista.
It was a grand and far-reaching vision of the ideal environment for living, relaxing and having fun....and it took off in the imagination of many local residents and people started to talk and dream.
The Bella Vista / Bentonville Chamber of Commerce formed "The Visionary Task Force"  to study the possibilities.
Our Mayor formed "The Mayor's Vision Advisory Committee"
The Property Owner's Association (POA)...endorsed, supported,  promoted and developed the concept and with all the hard work of staff....things are starting to happen.  Many business groups, organizations and residents are exploring the realistic possibilities of  enhancing what this scenic area can offer in making Bella Vista Village a destination.
Remember....it is all about making this place a place where people want to come, play and relax.....sharing it wit the world and attracting new to make life more fun.  I dreamed on paper using my little boy mind set and created this "conceptual rendering" to the left....
Some of the attractions: new reastaurants and retail shops built along a Board Walk , recreation and amenities....new Lodging, a water park, Paddle Boats, kayaking and rafting, Horse Back Bridal Trails, Farmer's Market, Hiking / Biking Paths through the local scenic beauty, a floating stage for music events and outdoor festivals, Arts & Crfts festivals, Sports Fields, Gondola Rides, Zip Lines and just about anything...anyone could IMAGINE. 
The end result will be more recreation and tourism, more attractions and more people deciding to re-locate in  Bella Vista Village and buy or rent a home or vacation home here.  Local business is growing, the sales tax base has increased....and ultimately property values will go up.  This place is prosperous and full of life for the young and young at heart.  We ARE the DIAMOND of NWA.
And we are going to accomplish all this while preserving all the natural scenic beauty of the area.....so space for development will be limited.
"COMING SOON"....."Wonderland Cave".....the commitment to revive a local cave attraction has been made by new owners and is scheduled to open to the public within a few years.  This cavern has a history dating back a century at least and has been used as a hide-out for Jessie James and his fellows known as The James Gang.  The Cave has been a dinner club with live music and entertainment...and this concept will be once again renewed as a major regional attraction.


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